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Understanding Astro-Psychology

Understanding Astro – Psychology 

Astrology approaches its understanding of the psychology of human nature through observation and interpretation of the cosmic influences and energies of the zodiac, solar system and planets upon the whole human psyche. The science is based upon the ancient system with its firm traditional basis for analysis that includes character, health factors, human relationships and circumstances as well as national and wider issues that affect our globe.

Astro-Psychology, in its study of individual human nature, begins simply with the serious consideration of the zodiacal birth sign. We learn to appraise the identified positive characteristics of ‘our sign’ and find it easy enough to accept that these virtues are inherent in us. Not so easy, but equally necessary, is our attention to the negative traits. Although commonly shared as inherent weaknesses in us all, they are particularly evident in us and in others of the same birth sign as our own.

In evaluating these good or bad tendencies or traits, we must do so on the understanding that we personally may not have learned or wish to express these particular qualities of our birth sign. In this case, they remain as certain energies or resources to which we have easy access when and if we choose to utilize them.

It is our free will that determines our life course and pathway and allows us to travel the easier routes and highways that astrology is able to indicate, or directs us to choose a pathway off the beaten track. The decision is always ours, no matter what subtle influence prevails in the weather of the starry heavens. However, as the farmer is wise to make hay when the sun shines, there are life activities and efforts that are likely to be more successful when the planetary climate is conducive to productive outcomes. So we begin to be aware, beyond earthly weather patterns, to observe the ‘climate of the skies’.

The benefits of learning all the zodiacal signs and their faults and virtues including our own is to broaden our understanding and acknowledge the differences in human nature in the people around us. It is a wise exercise with beneficial outcomes.

We are encouraged to study not only the nature of the zodiacal signs but also the effect the planetary energies their influences and ultimately upon our circumstances, moods and work. We find that the movements of the planets result in ever changing patterns more volatile in their influence than the standard powers that emit from the zodiacal twelve segments of the cosmos. The aspects or relationship of one planet to another at any given time create difficult or harmonious blends of energy patterns to which we will react.

Just as the science of psychology has found certain ground rules and common factors in human nature and behavior that provide us with a sense of common ground with others, astrology as a science is complex in order to extend suggestions as to why we are as we are. This applies in all spheres of our being and in our common goal for self growth and excellence in achievement, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

When we have our chart drawn up, there is attention given also to the natural elements that are referred to as earth, water, air and fire to determine the proportion of these qualities of practicality, emotionalism, intellectual or spiritual in our character. This is related to the planetary placement in zodiacal signs to which these elements are designated as applying.

There are many wonderful benefits from studying astrology. Many of these are practical such as planting crops by the moon phases, indicating fishing outcomes, planning social programmes, finding a compatible companion or partner, in healing, or choosing an auspicious date for important national events. There are many possible applications in which astrologers choose to specialize.

However, to use what we learn about human nature and apply it in daily life through the art of astro-psychology provides us with an intriguing lifetime interest. It helps us to feel inwardly secure with a sense of being part of a nature’s infinite diversity in its creative design that manifests in our own uniqueness but at the same time allows us to feel part of the wider family of humanity. We take comfort and empathize with at least one twelfth of the billions of others on this planet with whom we will always feel a special link through the shared zodiacal influences focused at the time of our birth.

A simple balanced approach is advised so that we font make the mistake of thinking that the stars rule us in a way that obliterates free will. Nor do we wish extreme self assertion so as to challenge or blame all the energies of great nature rather than trying to harness them.

The key in applying astrological science lies in the attitude Shakespeare expressed in his ‘Julius Caesar’…. “The fault dear Brutus lies not in our stars but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

We each have a unique nature with unique purpose and life talents in addition to qualities common to all. To observe and understand this uniqueness allows us to feel renewed sense of self confidence and sharpen our desire to live not only a happy creative lifestyle but one that offers our unique gift to the world.

Use astro-psychology to help you to recognize and utilize the special ingredients and strengths that comprise your total psyche.